Multi-Level Training

The Multi-Level training programs are designed to offer students focused training programs on a combination of Information Technology skills including planning, designing, implementing and supporting a variety of platforms and solutions.  These programs offer beginners and advanced learners hands-on and industry-relevant training that will prepare the individual for career paths in areas such as Desktop and Server Infrastructure, Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), Microsoft Windows and Linux client/server environments, as well as Cisco networking products and technologies.

We offer the following Multi-Level Training programs:

Course IDCourse NameContact HoursCredit HoursDuration-Weeks
CCNECertified Cisco Network Expert (CCNE)624 Hours39 Hours78 Weeks

Course IDCourse NameContact HoursCredit HoursDuration-Weeks
CNTECertified Networks Technology Expert (CNTE)1152 Hours72 Hours48 Weeks